A2 Hosting Products and Services

A2 Hosting is a Better Business Bureau “Accredited Business” with an A+ rating. The firm is one of the largest and most popular website hosting firms in the industry with millions of clients. The hosting company has built a reputation over the years for offering the fastest website hosting service through its innovative SSD-based server technology. In terms of reliability and service quality, only a few firms in the industry can match what the hosting company has to offer.

The following are some of the services offered by A2 Hosting:

1. Domain Services A2 Hosting is a licensed domain registrar, so you can register a new domain, buy an existing one or renew your domain through the company. These services are competitively priced and there are special offers to make it easier for more clients to benefit from these services. For instance, free domain registration is offered on every annual subscription to any website hosting plan. There are also coupons that can be redeemed to offset the cost, partially or entirely. 2. Hosting Services The firm has developed a wide range of hosting plans, some of which are revolutionary. These plans are meant to meet the unique needs of today’s entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of different scales. Some of the most popular packages include:
a) Reseller Hosting This is a hosting plan for individuals and corporate entities that would like to generate income by acting as brokers, or resellers, for the firm’s services. To first step towards enjoying this service is signing up and getting the master control panel. The payment and account management systems are already configured to make it easy for entrepreneurs to start offering hosting services to third parties. This is a great option for any person or company that wishes to start a website hosting firm with a limited budget and non-existent physical infrastructure. There are three types of reseller hosting packages, namely; Produce, Progress and Prosper. b) Shared Hosting The firm offers three types of shared hosting plans. They are; Lite, Swift and Turbo. They all come with unlimited RAID 10 storage and unlimited bandwidth. The Lite plan supports only 25 email addresses and one domain, while the other plans support unlimited emails and domains. These are affordable website hosting plans that can give any business or individual a strong online presence and take them to the next level. c) Managed VPS Hosting A2 Hosting has two types of VPS hosting plans; Cloud VPS and Dynamic VPS. Like dedicated hosting, VPS provides the user with root access to the server. With the SwiftServer SSD technology, users can enjoy speeds that are three times faster. These hosting plans also allow the user to choose their preferred OS. With cloud VPS hosting, users only pay for what they use. When they need more resources, they do not need to change their hosting plan because the service is scalable. The managed VPS hosting services offered by the company are suitable for individuals and companies that are looking for more control, greater security and privacy at a pocket-friendly price. d) Dedicated Server Hosting There are three types of dedicated server hosting packages from the firm. They include; Power+, Prestige+ and Pinnacle+. The RAM and storage capacities for these plans are; 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 75GB, 100GB and 150GB respectively. The data transfer capabilities of these plans are; 2TB, 3TB and 4TB respectively.
Should you ultimately decide to purchase an A2 hosting package (reseller, shared, VPS or dedicated), you can get a 20% discount on any or all of them by using the promo code here. 3. Internet Security Services A2 website hosting company also issues a wide range of SSL certificates to secure websites that handle sensitive customer data.

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Learn More About Bluehost Website Hosting Services

There are over two million websites around the world that use BlueHost website hosting services. While the company is known for its affordable shared hosting plans and reseller hosting services, the company offers many other types of hosting services. The following is a list of the four basic plans offered by Bluehost Inc:

1. Reseller Hosting Plans

These packages are for individuals who wish to start their own hosting business. With a reseller account, clients can sell an unlimited number of accounts to third parties. Resellers can set their own prices and customize features to suit their target market. They can also design unique packages to suit the needs of different types of users. Resellers can use their preferred modes of payment and get 100% of the profits they earn. Each reseller account comes with 250GB disc space and 25Mbps bandwidth. After signing up, resellers get free domain registration for one website. Like other accounts, the reseller account comes with a money back guarantee.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers a number of VPS hosting packages. They include Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate VPS hosting plans. The number of IP addresses, CPU cores, disc space and bandwidth offered in these plans differ. The size of RAM and monthly subscription fees for these packages are also different. VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting plans offer more flexibility and control at a reasonable rate. These plans have some characteristics of both dedicated server hosting and shared hosting plans. In VPS website hosting, the resources of an actual server are divided several times. The hard disk is partitioned numerous times and each partition assigned to each user. By doing this, users share a server, but each one of them has an independent allocation of resources, so one site cannot affect the performance of another.

3. Shared Hosting Plans

As mentioned earlier, the most popular Bluehost website hosting services include reseller and shared hosting services. The latter is an affordable hosting service where users share the bandwidth, disk space, RAM and CPU cores of a server. The cost of running and maintaining the server is also shared by the users. This is the most affordable hosting package for websites. Consumers can choose between the basic plan or go-pro with a more advanced shared hosting plan. The Pro plan comes with a dedicated IP and 5X server performance. Other features include 4 spam-free email accounts, SSL certificates and domain privacy among other things.

4. Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Bluehost website hosting services are reliable and affordable. The company uses proprietary software and maintains servers in-house, so they can afford to guarantee 99% server up-time. With dedicated server website hosting, users have a whole Bluehost server at their disposal. The service is expensive but the cost is commensurate of the features that come with the hosting plan including:
  • Quad core servers
  • 8GB RAM
  • ITB mirrored storage
  • Free domain
  • 4 dedicated IP’s
  • 10TB bandwidth
Bluehost servers are touted to be tuned for ultimate performance. Having been in business for over a decade, this claim may hold some truth.

Other Services

In addition to the hosting services, Bluehost also offers the following: Migration Services: For those who already have a website that is hosted by another hosting service. Bluehost can offer seamless migration of the site to the new Bluehost account. Domain Registration Services: When starting a website, domain registration is mandatory. Whether you choose to host your website with Bluehost or with another hosting company, you can register the domain with Bluehost at a standard fee.

What to Expect From Bluehost Website Hosting Services

Scalability: As web traffic increases, Bluehost can easily upgrade the features of an existing web hosting account to accommodate the changes. 24/7 Support: In addition to its award winning reseller and low cost shared hosting plans, Bluehost is also known for its customer service. Client concerns, complaints and queries can be handled 24/7, even during public holidays. Quick Start Training Sessions: Bluehost offers dedicated training sessions to help users become familiar with the service. The training covers cPanel use, email account setup, web builder recommendations, plugin, theme and widget selection, page creation and using WordPress.

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